Mohamed A. El Erian

Markets Will Continue Their Tug of War

The U.S. economy’s gains are offset by sluggishness in Europe and worries about China.

Leonid Bershidsky

Post-World War I Deals Had Nasty Consequences

Today’s nationalisms were largely unleashed by the settlement commemorated on Sunday.

Stephen Gandel

There’s Less to Private Equity Than Meets the Eye

A new study indicates returns are tied more to the bull market than investing acumen.

The Editors

Too Many Workers Are Trapped By Non-Competes

Employers shouldn’t get away with limiting their options.

Albert R. Hunt

Republican Tolerance for Despotism Keeps Rising

A party of enablers, sycophants, cowards and sellouts.

Sarah Halzack

Amazon Borrows Holiday Tips From Retailers It Crushed

The e-commerce giant finds some valuable ideas among the vanquished.

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