Tara Lachapelle

Netflix Reckoning May Come Some Day, But Not Today

As long as it keeps drawing in lots of new subscribers, investors are happy.

Shira Ovide

Google Turns EU Regulatory Violations Into Fees

When antitrust officials hand you lemons, you figure out how to sell lemonade to your thirsty customers.

Leonid Bershidsky

Expats Deserve Their Own Senators and MPs

More and more people live outside their countries of birth. Shouldn’t they be able to elect representatives to look after their distinctive interests?

Justin Fox

Free Advice to California Farmers

Stop hectoring the urbanites who drive by on Interstate 5 with cranky signs about water use and try educating them instead.

Noah Smith

The Best Way Trump Can Squeeze China on Trade

Wringing concessions would be much easier if the U.S. lined up allies with a revived Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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