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Justin Fox

Why Republicans Fell in Love With Tax Cuts

A new book proposes the shocking explanation that maybe it was just because they wanted to get elected.

Karl W. Smith

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Revenge of the Millennials

The Democrats’ major economic initiatives tend to favor the young at the expense of the old. 

Adam Minter

California’s Crusade Against Receipts Is Pointless

A proposal to ban the paper slips, like plastic straws, asks little of citizens and will have just as little impact on the environment. 

Francis Wilkinson

Trump’s Wall Won’t Protect Democrats Forever

They will need to articulate their policy, not just their moral position, on immigration. 

Alex Webb

If Google and LG Like Smart TVs, So Should the Privacy Police

There’s a gold mine of user data to be harvested from these tricked-out televisions. Regulators have done little about it.

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