Brooke Sutherland

Athenahealth Sale Is as Good as It’s Going to Get

A long and drawn-out process spurred on by activist investor Elliott has an OK ending for all.

Justin Fox

Healing the Nation’s Wounds With Parks and Libraries

After decades of neglecting social infrastructure, can the U.S. fight division and disadvantage with more parks and longer library hours?

Conor Sen

How Gerrymandering Can Reduce the Partisan Divide

Both parties have an incentive to draw districts that are more alike in terms of educational levels.

Matt Levine

Sears Found Some Useful Bonds

Also 1MDB, EtherDelta, embezzlement, pork gift packages and Gmail advice.

Stephen Gandel

There’s Less to Private Equity Than Meets the Eye

A new study indicates returns are tied more to the bull market than investing acumen.

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