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Flushable Wipes
In Fatberg Fight, NYC Goes to War Against Flushable Wipes

The $1.1 billion wipes market has taxpayers around the globe footing the bill.

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This High-Tech Farmer Grows Kale in a Factory

In the kale-filled facility at vertical farm startup Bowery Farming, it’s a piece of proprietary software that makes most of the critical decisions -- like when to harvest and how much to water each plant. But it still takes humans to carry out many tasks around the farm. Katie Morich, 25, loves the work. But as roboticists make gains, will her employer need her forever? This is the fourth episode of Next Jobs, a series about careers of the future hosted by Bloomberg Technology's Aki Ito. (Video by Victoria Blackburne-Daniell, Alan Jeffries and Brian Schildhorn) (Source: Bloomberg)