The Real Cost of Being a Video Gamer

By Jennifer Prince - 2012-01-26T14:58:21Z

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A Plugged-In Generation

William "Bing" Gordon, the co-founder of Electronic Arts, says playing video games builds skills that translate into success later in life. "Games have been so ubiquitous in the formative years of so many adults that the structure of games is now appearing in many different walks of life," he says. Gordon cites airlines, advertisers and health care companies, among others. Financial website SaveUp, for example, uses contests and badges to reward customers who save more. Such methods, adds Gordon, could make today's kids one of the most productive generations ever.

Bloomberg Rankings examined the cost of becoming video gamers for a family of four based in San Francisco.

Note: Data providers are on the final slide. Console costs are based on the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform. Brand mentions are not endorsements.