The Real Cost of an Enviable Lawn

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-06-21T15:54:22Z

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Prepping for Next Year

Come next year, the battle will start anew. Fall is the time to think about getting the lawn ready for next spring and to focus on root growth. Seed any bare spots, add fertilizer and get your equipment shipshape for the next year.

$90: Two bags of Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard fertilizer, 15,000-square-foot size each -- Lowe's
$7: Sta-bil 10 oz. fuel stabilizer. Add to gas in the mower and run until empty -- Lowe's
$100: Service for the sprinkler system to blow water out of the pipes -- American Lawn

And the real cost of an enviable lawn is (please go to the next slide) ...