Top UK Trade Union Leader Laments Solitary Meeting With PM May

Frances O’Grady, Britain’s most senior trade union leader, revealed she’s only met May once since she became prime minister.


Ferdinando Giugliano

Italy Faces Its Navarro-Mnuchin Moment

Choice of finance minister will show whether idealists or pragmatists are setting the course on euro membership.

Chris Hughes

Altice Debt Mountain Brings On a Bout of Vertigo

A share jump of more than 50 percent doesn’t mean a French sale is on the way. It’s more a function of the lopsided capital structure.

Marcus Ashworth

BOE Cuts Sterling Adrift

Officials’ views move closer together, dashing hopes for a strong August signal.

Chris Bryant

BMW and Mercedes Say Thank You to Donald Trump

A Chinese import duty cut will benefit local luxury consumers, as well as Germany’s car giants.

The Editors

Lawmakers Officially Forget the Financial Crisis

Now it’s up to the Fed to prepare for the next one.

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