Ex-UBS Trader Adoboli Is Detained Again

The trader convicted over a $2 billion loss is detained again by UK authorities.


Leonid Bershidsky

Post-World War I Deals Had Nasty Consequences

Today’s nationalisms were largely unleashed by the settlement commemorated on Sunday.

Marcus Ashworth

Italy Gets Starvation Rations From Mario Draghi

Even if it wanted to, there’s not much the ECB could do to help Italian bondholders, apart from some more cheap credit for the country’s banks.

Andrea Felsted

Menthol Ban Would Be More Than a Drag for Big Tobacco

The speed at which any ban is implemented will determine the damage for the industry.

Hal Brands

Three Reasons to Fear Another ‘Great War’ Today

Still think globalization will bring peace? They thought that in 1914, too. 

Alex Webb

SAP’s Sales Army Still Doesn’t Justify an $8 Billion Deal

The German software giant can turbocharge Qualtrics sales, but that still doesn’t explain why it had to pay so much to buy it. 

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