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How an Erratic Monsoon Wreaks Havoc on India and Beyond

The downpours deliver more than 70% of the country's annual rainfall


Examining AI and technological advances in the New Economy


Lionel Laurent

Blackstone’s Long-Term Saudi Vision Looks Blinkered

It’s hard to see how, after the Khashoggi affair, the firm can be so confident in the long-term promise of its Saudi-backed infrastructure fund.

Tyler Cowen

The U.S. Needs Saudi Arabia, and Vice Versa

It’s worth reviewing why the relationship has been so strong for so long.

Mohamed A. El Erian

Emerging Markets Need More Fixes to Maintain Calm

Some of the external relief could be temporary, increasing the need for policy changes in individual countries.

Mark Whitehouse

Banks Might Have Started Worrying About Brexit

Overseas lending out of the U.K. had the biggest drop in three years, while France had a sizable gain.

The Editors

Europe’s Banks Aren’t Ready for the Next Crisis

Trouble in Greece and Italy shows how much remains to be done.

Geneive Abdo

Iraq’s Top Cleric Is Becoming Its Political Savior

Grand Ayatollah Sistani bucked Shiite tradition by manipulating the selection of the new prime minister and president. 

Barry Ritholtz

Too Much Money and Rising Unicorns

Here are your morning reads.

The Researcher Building a Robot for Your Grandparents

For decades, we've dreamed of robots that can be our companions. Now, Danielle Ishak is trying to build one. Named ElliQ, this robot is aimed at the elderly who live alone, and it's in the homes of about a dozen beta testers in the Bay Area. Ishak's task is to study these seniors' interactions with ElliQ to make sure the robot is something they actually want. This is the fifth episode of Next Jobs, a mini-documentary series about careers of the future hosted by Bloomberg Technology's Aki Ito. (Video by David Nicholson, Victoria Daniell) (Source: Bloomberg)

An Alleged Saudi Decoy Wore Khashoggi's Clothes

The Third Pole is Melting

Mombasa - Gateway to East Africa

Trump Plans to Pull Out of Nuclear Pact

India Has the World's Most Toxic Air

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