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Mohamed A. El Erian

What Game Theory Says About May’s Brexit Choices

The U.K. prime minister may already have made too many compromises to be able to opt for either a hard withdrawal or a new referendum to remain.

Lionel Laurent

France Starts to Shift Its Position on Nissan

While Paris is following due process on Carlos Ghosn, it’s also looking at possible fresh blood at Renault and changes in governance. That’s welcome.

Tim Culpan

Grab Is Looking Heavier by the Day. Thanks Toyota

That huge investment from a carmaker appears to be influencing the company’s business model, which may not suit all shareholders.

Nisha Gopalan

Masa? There's an Angry Mrs. Watanabe on the Line

SoftBank’s telecom unit targeted individual investors for its IPO. They’re unlikely to be happy right now.

Ramesh Ponnuru

Michael Flynn Deserves No Sympathy

He knew he had committed serious offenses, and he knew that prosecutors had him dead to rights.”

John Authers

Ferreting Out Three Fed Rate Scenarios

Will it be “ferret up trousers” or some type of “reverse ferret?” We shall soon see.

Andy Mukherjee

India’s Shadow-Bank Risks Put China in the Shade

The government can’t afford to see the industry stumble, because formal lenders are capital-constrained and might not be able to pick up the slack.

Mark Gongloff

China’s Economic Reforms Are Having a Midlife Crisis

The leadership seems to have forgotten what made Deng Xiaoping's plan work.


Toy Stores are Making a Comeback

Toy stores may be scaling back and shutting down in the U.S., but they're betting big on China More on @business: (Source: Bloomberg)

Musk Unveils Boring Tunnel

Thailand to Export Weed?

Elon Musk Opens L.A. Test Tunnel

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