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Elon Musk Says ‘We Can Do It’ When Asked About San Francisco Transit

Elon Musk Says ‘We Can Do It’ When Asked About San Francisco Transit

Benioff Calls on Musk to Help San Francisco Transit

“Sure, we can do it,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday in response to a tweet from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff asking him and Boring Co. for help with rapid transportation around San Francisco.

That doesn’t mean a project is in the works.

“We need rapid transportation from Downtown to the Ocean, Marin Country, East Bay, San Jose, & LA. Bullet train too far away! Can you do it?” Benioff said in the tweet that drew the response from Musk.

When asked about the matter, a Boring Co. spokesman said Musk was using the term “can” in the sense of “capable of,” although that doesn’t mean a project is necessarily in the works.

“We are going to explore tunnels everywhere we can, including San Francisco,” the spokesman said.

Hyperloop technology gained popularity after Musk first touted his idea to move people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in half an hour in a 57-page white paper back in 2013. Boring Co. is currently working on other projects including a Dugout Loop in Los Angeles to transport baseball fans directly to Dodger Stadium, and an express service from O’Hare airport to downtown Chicago.

— With assistance by Sarah McBride