Movies get ratings, so why not ETFs? After all, there are more than 2,100 ETFs, with one new one launching every day, that provide exposure to every asset class, sector, region, country, commodity, currency, factor, theme, derivative and strategy that you can think of, as well as some you’ve never heard of. While most are "plain vanilla," many come with twists, and some are downright dangerous carrying unforeseen risks.

Unforeseen risk was on full display this week as some inverse volatility exchange-traded products turned disastrous, falling over 90% in a day and forcing several banks to issue redemptions. In this episode, Joel and Eric discuss the recent market turbulence, welcome Eric’s new colleague James Seyffart to the show, and also introduce Bloomberg Intelligence’s new "ETF Spotlight" System. The green-yellow-red model couldn’t get any easier to understand and will help you discern safer products from the potentially lethal ones -- before it’s too late.

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Running time 30:50

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