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Could Venezuela be the Best Emerging Market Story Out There?

On What’d You Miss This Week, Joe Weisenthal, Scarlet Fu and Julia Chatterley spoke with Hans Humes, Chairman and CEO of Greylock Capital about his call that Venezuela is the best emerging market story out there. Humes says he’s "not looking for Venezuela to become a Switzerland. It just has to stop being Zimbabwe." Hans discussed how six more years of President Maduro can square with his prediction and the ethical implications of holding Venezuelan debt. He also shared why Greylock is scoping out Bahrain as their next potential investing opportunity.

Wendy Cutler, Vice President of the Asia Society Policy Institute and veteran diplomat, who was the Acting Deputy U.S. Trade Rep under President Obama and negotiated deals including TPP, also came on to talk trade deals and truces. Wendy responded to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin "putting the trade war on hold."

Meb Faber, Cambria Investment Management Chief Investment Officer, explained why he thinks the real risk isn’t emerging markets, but overloading in U.S. stocks, and why investors need to learn to be asset class agnostic.

Then Greg Anderson, BMO Global Head of FX Strategy, discussed the Turkish central bank’s emergency meeting that raised its late liquidity window rate by three hundred basis points to 16.5 percent to stop the bleeding in the lira.

Running time 34:13

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