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Why the Justice Department Went After the Wrong Deal

On What’d You Miss This Week, Joe Weisenthal, Scarlet Fu and Julia Chatterley spoke with Ed Keon, Managing Director at QMA, to break down the nonstop headline week of geopolitical and economic news. Ed discussed the name calling with the U.S.’s biggest trade partner, Canada, and explained why the markets weren’t roiled by all the G-7 drama. It’s simple. They’ve seen it before. He also predicted the next recession is still a year out.

Bloomberg Opinion columnist Joe Nocera also joined to talk about his piece on the AT&T and Time Warner merger. He explained why the Justice Department wasted their chance going after the wrong deal and created a big setback for antitrust. Joe predicted the loss would make the government more skittish to go after the next big merger or any that deserved real scrutiny. He also discussed how in order to tackle big technology companies, the theory of antitrust has to tighten and the rules need to change. The only way to do that, in Joe’s view is to be aggressive in court.

Then Ian Shepherdson, Chief Economist and Founder, at Pantheon Macroeconomics came on to discuss the U.S. economy and where we will be a year from now if unemployment continues to fall. As everyone keeps waiting for a pickup in wage growth, Ian pointed out that the Fed likes when people get a raise, but just not too big of one.

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