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On What’d You Miss This Week, Joe Weisenthal, Julia Chatterley and Scarlet Fu got an immigration update with Republican Congressman Jeff Denham, who represents the California’s 10th congressional district and has been outspoken in the debate. It’s an issue that hits home for him -- representing a district in the San Joaquin valley that includes a heavy agricultural presence and Hispanic population. Congressman Denham talked about the latest legislative efforts happening after multiple immigration bills failed in the House. The Congressman, an almond farmer when he’s not on Capitol Hill, also told us how trade tensions were weighing on him and his constituents.

Mauro Leos, Associate Managing Director at Moody’s Americas, also joined to give a recap on the results of the Mexican presidential election. We walked through Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s historic, landslide win -- becoming the first left-wing president the country has had in decades. Leos explained how Obrador found electoral success and why the energy sector is one area of concern for investors. He also predicted what an eventual meeting with President Trump might look like.

Then Tom Lee, Managing Partner and the Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, came on to discuss why he thinks throughout the last two markets have largely over-reacted to all the trade headlines. The famous bitcoin bull also gave us his take on cryptocurrency’s fall from grace -- dropping over fifty percent this year.

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