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Kobe Bryant-Justin Timberlake Team Up; MLB Final Four (Podcast)

Scott Soshnick, Michael Barr and Eben Novy-Williams discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including Major League Baseball’s final four: Boston-Houston and the Dodgers and Brewers. They examine the matchups from a number of perspectives, including what it means for television ratings. They also discuss a new partnership between Justin Timberlake and Kobe Bryant, who are in talks to create programs for NewTV, a startup that aims to bring HBO-like quality to short videos. NewTV was started by Jeffrey Katzenberg, the longtime head of DreamWorks Animation, and Meg Whitman, the former CEO of EBay and Hewlett-Packard. Also talked about is Tokyo’s skyrocketing spending on the 2020 Olympic Games. Hosts: Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr. Producer: Madena Parwana

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Running time 15:07

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