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Moon Boots (Literally), CrossFit, UFC: The New Reebok (Podcast)

Reebok Chief Executive Officer Matt O’Toole discusses a host of topics related to the business of sports, including how Reebok is redefining itself with customers. O’Toole talks about the company’s deals ... not with sports leagues and teams, but with NASA -- yes, NASA -- UFC and CrossFit. O’Toole also talks about sneaker design and technology, and why Allen Iverson is still on the payroll. O’Toole is responsible for Reebok’s strategy, product, marketing and business around the world. He’s a 25-year veteran of the sports apparel and equipment industry. He previously worked as president of Reebok North America. Hosts: Scott Soshnick, Eben Novy-Williams and Michael Barr. Producer: Madena Parwana

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Running time 31:38

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