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Affirmative Action Not on Trial in Harvard Case (Podcast)

Elise Boddie, professor at Rutgers University Law School and Founder & Executive Director of The Inclusion Project, discusses the discrimination suit against Harvard University’s admission practices, where a group called Students for Fair Admissions is accusing the institution of discriminating against Asian-American applicants. However, in the first day of the trail, the students’ lawyer, Adam Mortara, said that affirmative action was not on trial, but rather that whites, as well as African-American and Latino applicants, have an unfair advantage over Asian-American applicants. Plus, William Banks, a professor at Syracuse University Law School, discusses the latest progress in the Mueller Probe, and how the probe, which began in the spring of 2017, could impact the midterm elections. They speak with Bloomberg’s June Grasso.

producer: David Sucherman +1-212-617-7663 or

Running time 15:19

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