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On What’d You Miss this Week, Scarlet Fu, Joe Weisenthal, Caroline Hyde, and Romaine Bostick spoke with Tilray CEO Brendan Kennedy. The top executive of the world’s largest cannabis company discussed Canada’s marijuana milestone - becoming the first G7 country to legalize marijuana nationwide - and his own company’s recent growth. Kennedy described it as the "end of a 95-year experiment of prohibition" and said Canadians should be proud of the change. Kennedy also predicted as many as five other countries could follow suit and legalize cannabis over the next couple of years.

Vivien Azer, Senior Research Analyst at Cowen and Company, came on to dive into the technical side of the cannabis industry - discussing pot stock valuations, volatility and opportunities within the space. Azer explained why the market will keep seeing more investments from traditional consumer companies into cannabis, like the $3.8 billion bet from Constellation Brands.

Carroll Doherty, Director of Political Research at Pew Research Center, also came on to talk about the changing attitudes towards marijuana in the United States. Doherty discussed their latest study, which found about six-in-ten Americans support legalization, and where the fault lines remain among certain demographics.

Tom Petrie, Petrie Partners Chairman, also joined to discuss Saudi Arabia wielding oil threats as global tensions rose this week over death of Washington Post columnist and prominent Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi. Petrie explained why markets are waiting to hear more, despite the Kingdom’s power to impact prices.

Running time 24:57

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