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Surveillance: Fiscal Cliff In 2020 With Crescenzi (Podcast)

Bloomberg Surveillance is live from the Bloomberg link for the Year Ahead Summit. Miranda Carr, Haitong International China Macro Strategist, says the Chinese government will have to take strong measures to avoid volatility in the yuan. Tony Crescenzi, PIMCO Market Strategist & Portfolio Manager, expects a fiscal cliff in 2020. David Rubenstein, Carlyle Group Co-Chairman & Co-Founder, discusses the humility of Former Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the guest on his show "Peer to Peer Conversations". Luca Solca, Exane BNP Paribas Head of Luxury Goods Research, says that the Chinese consumer represents a third of the luxury market. Nick Colas, DataTrek Research Co-Founder, says bitcoin is a cloudy market.

Running time 38:33

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