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Dallas Cowboys Are Doing It Best in Pro Sports (Podcast)

16W Marketing partner Frank Vuono joins Scott Soshnick, Michael Barr and Eben Novy-Williams to discuss a host of issues related to the business of sports, including his time as an executive with the National Football League and how the league has grown since that time. Vuono also discusses his work with the New Orleans Saints after Hurricane Katrina and the real possibility that the team was going to relocate to San Antonio. Vuono also talks about the upstart football leagues, including Vince McMahon’s XFL, and which professional teams and owners are doing it best in sports nowadays. The former Princeton University football player also talks about how college sports could utilize a pro-like licensing model in order to generate revenue to pay its players.

Hosts: Scott Soshnick, Michael Barr and Eben Novy-Williams Producer: Colin Tipton

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Running time 34:29

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