Photoshop Blunders: Manipulated Reality

By Heather Perlberg - 2012-04-26T20:11:37Z

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Time Shows Darker Side of O.J.

<p>When O.J. Simpson was charged with the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, Time magazine published a mug shot of the former football star on its June 27, 1994 cover. The image was darkened and blurred, which stood in stark contrast to the cover of Newsweek, which used the same image -- unaltered.

Charging Time with racism, critics questioned the magazine's editorial judgment in using a photo illustration. In a letter to readers, James Gaines, Time's then-managing editor, wrote that he had "looked at thousands of covers over the years and chosen hundreds. I have never been so wrong about how one would be received."

Gaines said later in the letter that Time did not "intend any imputation of guilt. We were careful to avoid that in our story, but for at least some people, this cover picture was worth several thousand words."</p>