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This Man Delivers Blood to Hospitals By Drone

One of the world's first drone delivery services is all the way in rural Rwanda, where 27 year-old Abdoul Salam Nizeyimana earns a living by launching and retrieving self-flying planes. Nizeyimana was drawn to not only the technology of his employer Zipline but also its mission: to deliver blood to remote hospitals, helping doctors save their patients' lives. Like many in Rwanda, Nizeyimana survived a harrowing tragedy to get to where he is today. This is the third episode of "Next Jobs," a series about careers of the future hosted by Bloomberg Technology's Aki Ito. (Video by Gloria Kurnik, Leila Hussain, Alan Jeffries and Victoria Blackburne-Daniell) Warning: This video contains graphic content (Source: Bloomberg)

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Let the People Walk to Dodger Stadium

Gondolas and underground tubes are swell, but better to build a decent sidewalk.

Technology & Ideas

The Shakespeare-Shrek Guide to Online Dating

Scientific revelations about matchmaking are no surprise to anyone who knows the oeuvres of the Bard and Mike Myers.

Technology & Ideas

Tencent’s Troubles Go Deeper Than a Pause on Games

Costs are rising, margins shrinking, and Tesla is a top investment.


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