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The Bloomberg 50 (Featuring the Fed)

From finance and politics to tech and entertainment, these are the people who shaped 2018 in unexpected ways.

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John Authers

A Financial Canary in a Coal Mine

Parsing the sharp drop in bank shares. Also, reasons to worry about global growth.

Julian Lee

Under New Management — Russia Now Runs OPEC

The oil producer’s group has been seriously weakened by its need to bring an outsider into its heart to broker a deal on output.

Christopher Balding

China Confronts Its Eternal Dilemma

With pressure building for major stimulus, leaders must decide whether boosting growth or controlling debt is more important.

Anjani Trivedi

China’s Made in 2025 Plan Is a Paper Tiger

The country’s a long way from achieving its targets; staying open to foreign competition is a better way to climb the technology ladder.

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