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Lionel Laurent

Jacob Rees-Mogg Turns Brexit Britain into Italy

British euroskeptics need to take note: investors aren't buying the vision of Singapore-on-Thames.

Andrew Polk

Why Stimulus Isn’t Working in China

The government is trying to accomplish too many contradictory goals at the same time.

John Authers

Bond Traders Have a Bad Case of Wishful Thinking

Fed officials aren’t dovish; they’re just stating facts. Also, Theresa May suffered a Brexit setback, but she probably isn’t going anywhere.

Julian Lee

The Oil Price Is Now Controlled By Just Three Men

Bin Salman, Trump and Putin are calling the market shots. The prince may struggle to defend output cuts against a hostile Trump and indifferent Putin.

Andy Mukherjee

Can Central Banks Go Broke? A Question for India

A resource-strapped government covets the RBI’s surplus capital. Here’s why Governor Urjit Patel should hold firm.

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Investors Eye RBI Board Meeting

The RBI prepares for a board meeting that promises to be anything but dull. It's all about supervision and the allocation of funds. Bloomberg's Harsha Subramaniam reports on "Bloomberg Markets: Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)

Is Dubai Losing Its Shine?

U.S.-China Trade War Will Go on for Some Time, Says UBS' Tay

China's Potential Growth Is Slowing, Says Berenberg Capital's Levy

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