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He’s Half ETF, Half Crypto: One Man’s Quest for Progress

You never go full crypto, right? Yet clearly some in the ETF industry see a massive opportunity, hence the steady talent trickle to the nascent space. To date, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has received more than 25 filings for ETFs featuring Bitcoin. They’re effectively the participants in a Cannonball Run-esque race to gain the SEC’s approval -- and whoever earns that blessing and is first to market could have a multi-billion-dollar product. But is this asset class even ready for primetime? How would it even work? What roadblocks must be overcome?

On this episode of Trillions, Joel and Eric are joined by the perfect guest to discuss all of this: Matt Hougan. The vice president of Bitwise Asset Management and a veteran of the ETF industry, Hougan has deep knowledge of both industries. He’s also a face in the Cannonball Run race. His firm just filed for the Bitwise Hold 10 Cryptocurrency Index Fund, which is the first proposed ETF that’s a basket of cryptocurrencies. Hougan also gives his take on many of the biggest trends in the ETF industry, from zero-fee funds to passive’s future.

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Running time 37:01

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